Week 1:
Jan 5th

Jan 7th

Overview of Structured Literacy
Phonology: Sound/Letter Parings

- Teaching literacy explicitly

- How to teach consonants

- Letter formation and handwriting

- Letter sound correspondence

- How letters are made in the mouth

- How letters are grouped together 

Week 2
Jan 12th
Jan 14th

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness, Sound and Letter Pairings

- Identification of sounds in words

- Onset & Rime, Phonemes 

- Segmenting, Blending & Analysis of sound changes in words 

- How to correct students phonemic awareness mistakes 

Week 3
Jan 19th
Jan 21st

Orthography: Vowel Spelling Patterns for Simple and Complex 1- Syllable Words, Part 1

- Position rules: au, aw, oi, oy, ou, ow
- Vowel +E
- R controlled vowels

Week 4
Jan 26th
Jan 28th

Orthography: Consonant Spelling Patterns for Simple and Complex 1- Syllable , Part 2

- Position rules: Floss, Protection Rules
- C, Y, Qu, X, k/ck, ch/tch, ge/dge

Week 5

Feb 2nd
Feb 4th

Orthography: Consonant  Spelling Patterns for simple and complex one syllable words

Practical application on how to reinforce ideas with:
- Reading and spelling games
- Phonemic awareness activities 

Week 6
Feb 9th

Defining skills at the Multi-syllable Level, Syllable Types and Syllable Boundaries

How to Teach Longer Words:

- Phonemic Awareness on the Multi-syllable level

- Reading and Spelling Multi-syllables words

Week 7
Feb 16th 
Feb 18th

Morphology : 

Anglo Saxon words

Inflectional Endings:

-Plurals, Past Tense, Doubling Rule, Drop the E, Drop the Y, and
Anglo Saxon Prefixes

Week 8
Feb 23rd
Feb 25th


Latin and Greek words

Practical Application

- Prefixes, roots, suffixes, Combining forms

- Lesson planning: Direct Instruction, Activities and Games