"How to Teach Reading and Spelling is a valuable course for educators who are either new to the concept of structured literacy or looking for more teaching tools and strategies to add to their repertoire.  Sasha's wealth of experience, reciprocal approach, and humor make the course informative, fun, and engaging."  

Laure de la Houssaye, Remediation Specialist

"The course How to Teach Spelling and Reading with Sasha has been amazing as a classroom teacher! This course has truly expanded my understanding of spelling and reading far beyond any other course I’ve ever received! You will walk away with such valuable information to apply instantly!! I would HIGHLY recommend this course to anyone that wants to build on their understanding in spelling and reading. I guarantee you Sasha with equip you with the tools and knowledge to teach your students."

Kelcie Kuhn, 4th Grade teacher

"With a smile, Sasha Borenstein has a magical way of mixing the history of our language, linguistic labels, phonic and orthographic rules into a structured literacy format that systematically helps grow accomplished readers."

Irene Bowker, First and Second Grade teacher

"I was fortunate this summer to enroll and participate in Sasha Borenstein’s course, How To Teach Reading and Spelling.   Sasha is a master at instructing how to explicitly teach letter sounds and the proper articulation for each sound.  I was introduced to her Vowel Staircase for teaching the short vowels, and it is a true gem of a tool!  I have never had my class learn their short vowel sounds so quickly and with automaticity!   Another wonderful aspect of the course was learning how to correct a student’s mistake in reading or spelling, with the student being an active participant in the process.  

Throughout the lessons, Sasha provides excellent resources, games and activities to easily find and use.  This course was all I had hoped it would be in helping me get started implementing  Science of Reading  in my classroom."  

Jo-Ann Kellogg, M.Ed.

"I was diagnosed with a reading disorder as a child. This approach could have saved me years of self-doubt and hopelessness. How to Teach Reading and Spelling: Bringing the Science of Reading into the Classroom provides a meticulous and easy to follow method to buoy a joy of reading and spelling. All children love discovery and thrive on curiosity. Borenstein uses this natural propensity to underpin her relentlessly thorough approach. It’s like learning to read and spell in the same way you’d learn a game on the playground. Bravo Sasha. You moved scientific knowledge into the realm of practical wisdom."

 Michael Rousell, PhD, author of The Power of Surprise: How Your Brain Secretly Changes Your Beliefs