Summer Bucket List Challenge

What Can Teachers do to reinvent that passion for teaching this summer?

For many of you, these last few school years have been extraordinarily taxing. This year was the first that have been in person since the beginning of the pandemic. I have heard from so many educators the challenges and joys that came from being back with your students. Classroom teachers and support staff are working to educate students on and off line, managing behavior, doing assessments, communicating with parents and staying on top of the latest surge of illness.

How can you utilize the precious weeks this summer to regroup, re-create your passion and stamina for teaching?

I have done some of that the work to help you do that! I am continually brainstorming with colleagues and educator friends to find creative ways to support teachers. I have read new books and research articles, honing in on what and how to adapt the research into classroom activities for you to be able to use with your students immediately and effectively. I have created a book study group, courses in How to Bring The Science of Reading and Spelling into the Classroom and hosted monthly meetings to deepen and review the SOR coursework. I look forward to sharing you these rich resources as we work together.

As the school year winds down, please take care of yourself and purposefully carve out time for yourself this summer. I am creating a summer bucket list challenge and am inviting you to join me in doing at least 10 things on our combined lists as a way to rejuvenate and reinvigorate yourself. Teaching is truly the most impactful, challenging, inspiring, heart-wrenching, and humorous job on the planet. I hope you take time to reflect on this past year and love yourself this summer. My Bucket list items exercise read a novel (trashy preferred!) get your hair and nails done get a facial go on a date sit and watch sunset or sunrise sing

create something with your hands

plant something outside go to a movie with a friend go to bed early and sleep in late take a solo day trip go on a hike swim in a lake or the ocean breathe

What would you add to this Bucket List?

Please list your ideas below and also check out all of the resources and classes being offered this summer at

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