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Student Created Resources

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

I often times will ask my students to create their own resources to use at home for learning. Creating resources is a useful tool for students learning as they can be utilized as memory devices and allows them to take ownership of their own learning. To create such resources as word walls, spelling rules walls, personal dictionaries, step cards etc. students must understand the concepts to be able to build the tools for themselves. I use the creation of personal resources as a way for students to apply their knowledge to curate resources and materials that are helpful for them. This orthographic spelling rule wall is a beautiful example that one of my students has recently made. You are able to see how they put the rules into their own words and organized the concepts they have learned in a practical and meaningful way for them. Providing students the opportunity to be shepherd of their own learning allows space for ownership of concepts and ideas, thoughtful discussion, and clear articulation of what they understand.

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