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Feedback Dialogues

The course content and learning goals in, How to Teach Reading and Spelling: Bringing the Science of Reading into the Classroom, integrates instruction to build an understanding of the skills needed to teach reading and spelling of individual words that can be summarized by Scarborough's Reading Rope and the Simple View of Reading. The processing, thinking, learning skills that the student brings to the classroom are part of a student becoming literate also. Structured Literacy gives us, as teachers, constructs just as the Reading Rope and Simple View of Reading tell us what to teach. Processing skills needed to learn to read and spell include attention, higher-order thinking skills, phonological processing, working memory and long-term memory skills.

Teachers mediate and modulate their teaching based upon all of these ideas and one of the main skills that teachers employ to do so is giving feedback to students about their performance.

In this class, a lot of time is spent on honing the participants' skills of feedback. This video is an example of using the feedback dialogues taught in this class at the multi-syllable level, with morphemes and syllables.

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