How To Teach Reading and Spelling
Bringing the Science of Reading into the Classroom 

32 Hour Live Virtual Workshop 

      June and July 2022        
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 
1:00-3:10 PM PDT

How To Teach Reading and Spelling: Bringing the Science of Reading into the Classroom

32 instruction hours - Teacher-Led Live Virtual Sessions

Interactive Small and Large Group Instruction

Topics Include: phonology, phonemic awareness, orthography, morphology, and how to correct suent mistakes with specific feedback

Cost $450 (includes text $65 value)

CEU's.  Microcredential and Graduate credit available for an additional fee


 "Sasha's passion for language and reading is inspiring. She shares her patient and charitable spirit with us "slower" participants while challenging and equipping others with her word knowledge. And besides being professional and prepared, she has a warm, endearing personality. I look forward to her next training." 

Tracy R., Learning Center Teacher in California. 

"I have learned so much and think I will be a better teacher because of taking this class! You are a wonderful, patient teacher! 
I don’t think I will teach the same way again. Aside from learning so many new skills, one of the most important things I have learned is not to give the student the answer, but question them to discover it themselves."
Gail Green, course participant 2021

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"This was a great introduction to SOR. Just the right amount:) It was nice to talk about teaching rather than schedules:) This felt respectful of teachers and safe for an old dog learning new tricks:) ...I found it all helpful. I wish I had known so much of this years ago. I also found it refreshing to hear support for some of my practices that many think are "old fashioned." I needed these basics, so thanks for making them accessible with information, examples, and participation. I thought all of the practicing was important. Great modeling, Sasha! I am happy to know that our language is not nearly as difficult as I had previously thought!!! There was so much valuable information, but the tidy acronym of P.O.M.E serves as a really helpful break-down of the workshop's key elements. I also appreciated the references to supplemental resources like the University of Florida's Literacy Institute and the"
Course Participant 2021