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 How to Teaching Reading and Spelling

Bringing the Science of Reading into the Classroom

30 hour Live Virtual Workshop
October - December 2021      

Tuesdays & Thursdays       3:00-5:30 PM PST

How To Teach Reading and Spelling
Bringing the Science of Reading into the Classroom 

32. 5 Hour Live Virtual Workshop 
      January - March 2022        
Tuesdays & Thursdays   3:30-6:00 PM PST
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"This was a great introduction to SOR. Just the right amount:) It was nice to talk about teaching rather than schedules:) This felt respectful of teachers and safe for an old dog learning new tricks:) ...I found it all helpful. I wish I had known so much of this years ago. I also found it refreshing to hear support for some of my practices that many think are "old fashioned." I needed these basics, so thanks for making them accessible with information, examples, and participation. I thought all of the practicing was important. Great modeling, Sasha! I am happy to know that our language is not nearly as difficult as I had previously thought!!! There was so much valuable information, but the tidy acronym of P.O.M.E serves as a really helpful break-down of the workshop's key elements. I also appreciated the references to supplemental resources like the University of Florida's Literacy Institute and the"
Course Participant 2021

"With a smile, Sasha Borenstein has a magical way of mixing the history of our language, phonics and spelling rules into a Structured Literacy format that systematically helps to grow accomplished readers."

Irene Bowker, First and Second Grade teacher and course participant 2020

"I have learned so much and think I will be a better teacher because of taking this class! You are a wonderful, patient teacher! 
I don’t think I will teach the same way again. Aside from learning so many new skills, one of the most important things I have learned is not to give the student the answer, but question them to discover it themselves."

Gail Green, course participant 2021