Why I decided to undertake this project: 


I woke up this morning to our country and world in pain, from Covid 19 to our failing health system to the burning anguish of those who don't have enough to live on, to eat, to take care of basic needs.


My first response was to feel powerless, so not able to help, BUT the one thing I know how to do to help others is to teach them to teach others how to read and spell. I have spent the greater part of my life in this field and am passionate about helping children in need of the basic skills to make a better life for themselves. 


My intention is to offer twenty five teachers a full scholarship for an eight week Zoom class to learn innovative and effective techniques for teaching basic reading and spelling. This is not the whole of literacy as many people who are receiving this know, but it is a beginning. 


Your financial support will allow me to deliver this class to twenty five teachers. In turn, these teachers can reach out to their respective students in need. With twenty-five trained teachers we can reach as many as six hundred students!


Any donation would be helpful to support as many educators as possible.  Please help  me to make a difference in as many students’ lives as we can.