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Megawords 1 SET        Megawords 5 SET
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Megawords 4 SET        Megawords 8 SET
by Kristin Johnson and Polly Baryd

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In the book, Morpheme Magic, Lessons to Build Morphological Awareness for Grades 4-12, Deb Glaser lays out lessons based upon the Anglo-Saxon inflectional suffixes,  Latin and  Anglo-Saxon prefixes, Latin root words and Greek combining forms in a logical manner.  The affixes she uses for her lessons open hundreds of words and are the most common affixes in our language.  For teachers, she defines and highlights  terms such as free and bound morphemes, inflectional and derivational suffixes and orthographic mapping. 

She provides carefully described, detailed instructional procedures and activities, AND, her lessons build magical moments for our students and for us as educators. 

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