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Resources for Teaching Beginning Readers Phonology, Phonemic Awareness and High Frequency Words


The Work of Katherine Pace Miles

Dr. Miles has worked with teachers and schools throughout the United States.  In her work, she has created several tools that are very helpful for classroom teachers and their assistants, as well as tutors and educational therapists.


Her article written with Gregory B. Rubin and Selenid Gonzalez-Frey, Rethinking Sight Words, “presents a manageable and effective way to categorize lists of sight words, as well as a quick and easy instructional method of helping students secure these words in memory.”


Pace Miles talks about words that are regularly spelling, each phoneme-grapheme correspondence is regular, words that are temporarily irregular because the students have not been taught the orthographic pattern that explains the spelling, and permanently irregular words which have usually one or two letters that are unpredictable or confusing. 


On Dr. Pace Miles website, you will find many excellent resources for activities, lessons, and infographics.

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Randall Klein


Recently, I watched a series of YouTube videos presented on the Science of Reading, What I should Have Learned in College channel by Randall Klein. This gentleman has been teaching students phonemic awareness and beginning reading skills for decades.  He has created numerous activities and games, each focusing on skills of phonological awareness and phonemic awareness such as segmenting or blending words, identifying the initial or final sounds in words, determining if two words begin or end with the same phoneme.  His materials introduce letter sound correspondences with pictures and games.  He is generous with his materials, and I have been using them with my students this fall.


Check it out!!!!

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Megawords 1 SET        Megawords 5 SET
Megawords 2 SET        Megawords 6 SET
Megawords 3 SET        Megawords 7 SET
Megawords 4 SET        Megawords 8 SET
by Kristin Johnson and Polly Baryd

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In the book, Morpheme Magic, Lessons to Build Morphological Awareness for Grades 4-12, Deb Glaser lays out lessons based upon the Anglo-Saxon inflectional suffixes,  Latin and  Anglo-Saxon prefixes, Latin root words and Greek combining forms in a logical manner.  The affixes she uses for her lessons open hundreds of words and are the most common affixes in our language.  For teachers, she defines and highlights  terms such as free and bound morphemes, inflectional and derivational suffixes and orthographic mapping. 

She provides carefully described, detailed instructional procedures and activities, AND, her lessons build magical moments for our students and for us as educators. 

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