I am excited to announce that I have created a companion set of teacher and student dialogue cards that go along with my textbook.  These cards take the dialogue from my textbook and put them on thick cards that you can use with your class.  The set includes teacher dialogue, guiding questions, photographs, and so much more!  They allow you to easily teach each lesson from the book using high quality visuals as you walk your students through the process of learning how to read and spell thoughtfully.  These 360 cardsares printed on high quality paper meant to be used and last from year to year.
Cost: $65 + shipping
To purchase email: HowToTeachReadingandSpelling@gmail.com 

CANVA 3.jpg
"I have been tutoring a student that attends my school… I have been using the attached lesson planner and have been using many of the lessons from your book with the card set I purchased. We have been doing the consonant pairs and my student got the gist of each element very quickly. I have also used the vowel staircase. I am incorporating phonemic awareness lessons with the short vowel sounds I  have been covering.  My student is showing progress and is working on decoding cv and cvc words.  It is so rewarding seeing the progress she is making utilizing the skills I have learned in your class!!!"
Gail Greene