How To Teach Reading and Spelling, Bringing the Science of Reading into the Classroom
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Topics covered in

How to Teach Reading and Spelling: Bringing the Science of Reading and Spelling Into The Classroom

- Structured Literacy
- Concepts That Govern Reading and Spelling Patterns
- Assessments
- Developmental Issues and Grade Level Norms
- Individual Learning Pace and Skills
- Analyzing Mistakes and How to Correct Them
- How To Teach Reading and Spelling Patterns
- Teacher Student Dialogue
- Lists of Words
- Ideas For Practice and Review
- How to Plan Lessons
- Sound Symbol Correspondences
- Consonant and Vowel Patterns in Simple and Complex One Syllable Words

- One Syllable Orthographic, Protection, and Position Patterns
- Reading and Spelling Long Words, Multi-Syllable Skills
- Morphology
- Multi-Syllable Spelling Patterns

Important Textbook Correction 
Page 31, 5th line- The word "not" should not be in that sentence.  
Corrected sentence should read:  

Because the answer is “yes” to all of these questions, “d” is the partner of “t”. 

In these beginning days of putting my book out into the world, I have asked several people who are experienced educators and researchers to read it and give me feedback. William Van Cleave has generously spent the time to do so and these are his comments:

(1) Where relevant, you concisely mention research about numbers and instruction.

(2) You mention frequency of each skill/pattern - right up front - so teachers can make good choices about when/if it makes sense to teach what.

(3) You have a clear description of the concept/pattern

(4) You have lists of applicable words

(5) You have instruction and, where relevant, model dialogues.

You're a good writer - and you aren't overly wordy. You are straightforward in getting the information into the hands of teachers - where it'll make the most sense.

William Van Cleave 

I hope this input is helpful to people who are considering buying the book as a resource for their teaching of reading and spelling of words.