How To Teach Reading and Spelling, Bringing the Science of Reading into the Classroom
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Topics covered in

How to Teach Reading and Spelling: Bringing the Science of Reading and Spelling Into The Classroom

- Structured Literacy
- Concepts That Govern Reading and Spelling Patterns
- Assessments
- Developmental Issues and Grade Level Norms
- Individual Learning Pace and Skills
- Analyzing Mistakes and How to Correct Them
- How To Teach Reading and Spelling Patterns
- Teacher Student Dialogue
- Lists of Words
- Ideas For Practice and Review
- How to Plan Lessons
- Sound Symbol Correspondences
- Consonant and Vowel Patterns in Simple and Complex One Syllable Words

- One Syllable Orthographic, Protection, and Position Patterns
- Reading and Spelling Long Words, Multi-Syllable Skills
- Morphology
- Multi-Syllable Spelling Patterns