Sasha Borenstein has worked in the fields of Special Education and literacy for fifty years as a classroom teacher, remediation specialist, diagnostician, college instructor, and educational consultant.


Sasha received her undergraduate training at UCLA in Psychology and Special Education, after which she completed her graduate work in Special Education at Columbia University, Teachers’ College. 


In 1977, Sasha founded The Kelter Center, a private remediation clinic in Los Angeles, California, where she was the director for thirty-six years. In addition to teaching , she trained, mentored, and supervised other teachers in their work with children and adults with learning disabilities and dyslexia. During this period, she also served as a consultant  with many educational establishments in Los Angeles.  Sasha works with private and charter schools in Oregon and California. 


Sasha  has been a presenter for the International Dyslexia Association, the Oregon Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, The Los Angeles County Office of Education,  the California Association of Resource Specialists, the Bureau of Jewish Education, and the Learning Disabilities Association. 

"Sasha is an extraordinary educator! She has paved the way for many to truly understand the process of reading and reading remediation. She has helped so many children overcome reading difficulties. Sasha’s real gift is helping teachers understand how to really help children with reading. Her techniques are easy to implement and help teachers uncover what their students truly need to  thrive."

Michelle Porjess, Executive Function Coach